The EASA Instrument Rating is ONE OF the most valued qualifications a helicopter pilot can achieve. YOU WILL BE ASSURED OF OUTSTANDING ADVANCED TRAINING WITH VVB aviation IN A FRIENDLY, PROFEsSIONAL MANNER AT OUR ELSTREE AERODROME BASE.


Approaching an Oil Rig in our Helicopter Flight Simulator

The Instrument Rating is the most valued qualification a helicopter pilot can achieve and will teach you to conduct a flight solely by reference to the instruments - this means that you can fly in cloud and other low visibility conditions. It is now a mandatory requirement for all offshore oil rig pilots, and has become a more commonplace requirement for onshore operators in Corporate, HEMS and Police sectors of the market.

Our course is structured around the Elite FNPT II simulator, which is a cost effective and invaluable training tool, and all the flying is completed in the AS355 Twin Squirrel helicopter.

If you do not already hold a multi-engine helicopter rating, the course will begin with an initial AS355 type rating. You will then begin
the Instrument Rating course which consists of a minimum of 40 hours of simulator time, as well as 10 hours actual flight time. You
will then be required to take a test with a CAA examiner. Our training is led by Capt. Clive Clark, an experienced Army Air Corps, Lynx &
Gazelle Instrument Rating Instructor and Examiner, with many hours of operational experience. We would recommend that the course
is conducted intensively to promote continuity and ensure consistency in your performance.


Requirements and Course Information

The minimum requirements include holding a PPL(H) with a night qualification, or a CPL(H), as well as 70 hours P1 for the AS355 rating. You must also have passed the ATPL theoretical knowledge exams.

If you already hold a multi-engine helicopter rating, you will be required to fly a minimum of 3 hours of training (+ ground school & skill test) for the additional AS355 ME type rating.

Alternatively, if you are the holder of a single engine EASA IR(H), you will be required to fly a minimum of 3 hours of training in the simulator and 2 hours in the live aircraft before taking the EASA ME(H) IR skill test.

For Qualified Military Personnel, you will need to complete the AS355 type rating, followed by a minimum of 10 hours in the simulator and 5 hours in the live aircraft for the Instrument Rating. You're then required to complete a skill test flight with a CAA examiner.

ICAO IR(H) and EASA IR(A) holders also benefit from many credits which can significantly reduce the training required to achieve your EASA ME(H) IR. Please call or email for further information to discuss a package tailored to your needs and experience.



Please contact us for additional details and a full IR quote. We would be happy to speak to you via email, over the phone, or if you would like to come in to see us at VVB we would love to meet you.


Capt. Clive Clark