Congratulations, you have passed your PPL(H) and achieved something that most people only dream about!

Now what?



Now is the time to build upon your knowledge and experience gained during training by increasing your Pilot in Command (P1/PIC) hours. This period in your flying development is known as hour building or heli-adventuring. As part of this stage you may wish to attend advanced flying courses or conversion training.

The world is your oyster; our helicopters are available for self-fly hire 7 days a week. Make the most of your new-found freedom and get heli-adventuring!

Instructors are available seven days a week to assist with any aspect of your flying. If you feel that you need a refresher course, call and book it in with us. Help and advice is always at hand.


Fleet for Hire

  • Cabri G2

  • Robinson R22

Requirements and Information

The PPL(H) licence itself is valid for life, however each type rating must be renewed annually. Renewal is merely an administrative exercise, provided you have kept your licence current. To use your PPL(H) there are two main requirements:

  • You must have a current medical.

  • Having achieved your PPL(H) you must fly for at least 2 hours each year on each helicopter type to keep your licence current, and do an annual licence proficiency check (LPC) for each type with one of our CAA approved examiners.

  • To carry passengers, you must have done at least three take-offs and landings within the last 3 months.

  • If you have not flown for more than 28 days you will need a short check flight with an instructor to meet insurance requirements and flight safety.

Provided you fly regularly this should be nothing for you to worry about.


London Helicopter Routes

Now that you have your own licence, you may wish to take yourself sightseeing over London. Please click below for more information on the training that we provide to allow you to confidently and safely enter Heathrow's airspace and follow the approved routes to get the best view of London there is.

Cabri G2 on the helipad at london elstree aerodrome